Stu Stu Day in the Sargasso Sea

October 27, 2023

Author: Lily K., C Watch

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Ship's Log

 Friday, October, 27 2023Ship Heading: 320°pscShip Speed: 6.5knLog: 1883nmWeather / Wind / Sail Plan: Partial cloudy, wind force 5 out of NNE, sailing under all 5 lower sailsDescription of location: Sargasso Sea

Today was a rather irregular day aboard the Cramer for me because I wasAsst. Asst. Steward, or in Cramer words, stu stu! Instead of standing watchtoday, I was cooking meals with our two stewards, an opportunity eachstudent has once per voyage. I was stood down from my dawn watch(0100-0700), so I had a 0500 wake up to start on breakfast. Sleep in! Thismorning, I went pretty simple with oatmeal and cereal. Cereal was a hitbecause we had lucky charms, a rare Cramer delicacy.

After breakfast was cleaned up, I read my book club book, Cod, on deck and took a nap. At 1000,I put out my mid-morning snack, plums, out on deck. Every morning around0900-1100, we usually have our morning science station, which normallyincludes three deployments: a Secchi disc, a Neuston net tow, and a CTD withniskin bottles, as well as a surface station. After some more free time,Raechel and Sebastian (the stewards) and I started on lunch. For lunch wedecided on tofu pad thai which had a delicious peanut sauce. After lunch Istarted on my afternoon snack, brownies!! We were done just in time forships meeting/afternoon class. After our usual announcements and reports, wepracticed our gybes and sail handling because we have just began our JuniorWatch Officer phase of our voyage.

During JWO phase, each student has 2 opportunities to take on a leadership role on deck; this includes callingall sail maneuvers and being responsible for everyone’s jobs and rotations.To help us understand the steps of gybing a little better, for class wegybed four times in a row. Each watch performed one gybe and each gybe wascalled by a student who had previously been a JWO. After class, we wrappedup with some brownies and I started on dinner. I made chicken and rice soupwith rosemary focaccia on the side. In between dinner seatings, I went up ondeck and enjoyed the sunset with friends. While my watch (C Watch) waspreparing to take the deck for evening watch (1900-0100), I was again stooddown because it was my steward day.

We have had some pretty consistent wind that had been in our favor since weleft Bermuda two days ago, so we have been cruising at a steady rate for thelast few days. The sea has also significantly settled, so the ride has beenpretty pleasant compared to our leg from Lunenburg to Bermuda. I had a greatday full of nice weather, science, sailing, and lots of cooking and I can’tbelieve the sea component is coming to a close. I hope these wonderfulconditions last for the remainder of our voyage and I am excited for what’sleft.

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