Underway Once Again

October 25, 2023

Author: Ian R., A Watch

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Ship's Log

Wednesday, October 25, 2023Noon Position: Lat: 32°10.7’N and Long: 064°52.1’WShip Heading: 225°Ship Speed: 6.5 kLog: 1570 nm

Weather: Today is sunny with a chance of some showers. We have a steady force 7 atour backs, and it is looking like a beautiful day to go sailing. Sail planfor afternoon watch is to stay clear of Challenger and Plantagenet Banks bysailing south. Then once we are clear of the banks at the South West cornerof Bermuda we will begin to sail west to stay clear of Tammy.

Wow. Bermuda is a beautiful place. The water is so clear and the town andits architecture is so cool. But because of Hurricane Tammy and the weatherwindow that has opened up, we have gotten underway again and are quicklyrunning away from the storm. But to everyone’s delight, Elsa is back with uson the boat after not being able to join us since the beginning of the trip.B watch got up at 6:00 for a 6:20 breakfast to get us underway at 7:30. Itwas sad to leave Bermuda knowing we had had such a short time on shore andforce 7 winds and big waves waiting for use outside of the protection ofBermuda harbor. But everyone understands we need to get going and are readyfor the final leg of our voyage. As we made our way out of the harbor, wequickly began to feel the big waves and fast winds against the boat. Waterwas beginning to slash up onto the deck and we all knew what we had ahead.And of course, right as we are getting out of the harbor, the Proctor andSEA flags got stuck and Jeremy had to climb aloft to help free them. Webegin sailing with the Main Staysl and the Fore Staysl up. We start makingabout 6.5 knots with just those sails which is crazy, and travel West aroundBermuda. While we are making ground, I decide to go up on deck and read theLord of the Rings. (Now father, if you do not know who is writing this yetyou should now, but that is if Ma has not already scrolled to the bottom ofthe page to see if I am finally writing a blog.) The Morning watch was verychill and eventually lunch came around and it was LEFTOVERS. Solid lunch byRachel and Seb. B watch then handed over the deck to C watch at 1300 till1900. I then played Noah Young in a vicious game of spit which went on forabout 45 minutes. The game went back and forth the whole time and Noah endedup coming out victorious. That took us all the way to class where Jefftalked to use about corals the geological history of Bermuda. And Captaingave us further information on what our JWO (Junior Watch Officer) watcheswill entail. After class, book club groups met and people took some naps.Because I have nigh watch, I am writing this blog in parts. So I have statedit at 17:00 and will pick up later during my watch.

I have finally found myself a window of time. To pick up where I left off,dinner was really good, it was rice bowls with meat and a very good sauce.My watch then took over and now I am on lab with Emma and Nick but since astorm hit and the waves have picked up we are not able to do anything, so wehave been helping out on deck. I was actually just at the helm for about anhour and a half and Emma was at look out right next to me. It was fun, butin these conditions when the boat is getting thrown, it can be reallydifficult to keep it on course. And while I was at helm we saw a Moon bow.It’s like a white rainbow at night. Now those on deck have taken over andEmma and I have a break before we have to do a surface station at 2300.Overall watch has been good so far with some rain and the boat heeling overa lot.

Watch last night ended well. The Last two hours were very funny because Ithink everyone was starting to get a little delirious. After a good sixhours of watch, B watch came to relieve us at 1:00. We had a short watchmeeting and the next thing I knew I was passed out in my bed. After anothergreat day.

This trip so far has truly been the experience of a lifetime. I am lovingevery moment from getting thrown across the boat because it is heeled overso far, to us walking around Lunenburg. The professional crew on this tripare all amazing and there is no other group of kids I would rather beexperiencing this with. I have learned so much about myself and who I wantto be and I am so excited to keep learning new things. These kinds of tripsdo not come around very often for many kids and we are such a fortunategroup of people that this experience can be a reality in our lives.  Butsadly this trip is coming to a close soon. I am going to miss the CorwithCramer and everyone on it. But I will always remember this experienceforever.

And to Mom, Dad, Annie, and most of all Maddy, I love and miss you all somuch and can’t wait to see you. And Of course, let’s go Yankees.

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