We are Underway!

November 26, 2023

Author: Lila Hensley, University of Vermont


Ship's Log

26 November 2023Current Position: 36.37 deg S, 175.14 deg EShip's Heading & Speed: 326 deg True at 4.9 knotsWeather: Sunny, windy, clear skies

Hi everyone, the day started with yet another delicious meal made by Ashleyand while we were enjoying the nice warm dish we were able to welcome AnnaLynn and Hannah back aboard. YAY! There was much to celebrate this morningas party hats were quickly donned in honor of Jenna's birthday. Jennaproceeded to hand out the party favors she had brought (more COVID tests),and then chores and dishes were dutifully completed. For the first half ofthe day we split into our watch groups and learned how to respond in avariety of emergency situations. After that, we had a yummy baked potato barfor lunch and began getting ready for departure.As tasks were completed and the moment we'd been waiting for drew near, S312students all gathered on deck, some helping us safely leave the dock, othersstanding by ready to jump in if needed. There was much anticipation asCaptain Allison completed her final few pre-departure duties. Finally, justlike that, the engine was on and we were watching as the city of Aucklandand the massive Disney cruise ships grew smaller and smaller behind us. Oncewe were well underway, sails were hoisted and the engine was turned off.We're sailing! Birthday cupcakes were brought to the quarter deck and we allsang to Jenna. Soon after our singing and birthday treat, dolphins werespotted on the port side of Bobby C. Students and crew alike made their wayforward and watched as three beautiful bottlenose dolphins came and swamright under our bow, playing in the ship's wake. It doesn't get much betterthan that.Currently, A Watch is completing their first watch rotation. B Watch willfollow this evening and C Watch (my watch), has the very very special job ofbeing the first dawn watch (0100 to 0700). The vibes are good and even assome of us awkwardly stumble around as the boat rocks and others are a bitapprehensive as the tables move back and forth, we are all happy and excitedto be underway. Lucy and Morgan, we miss you and hope you can rejoin ussoon! Well, that's all for now. This blog was written a bit early because Iwill in fact be going to bed right after dinner.Until next time,Lila Hensley (University of Vermont)Shout out: It's your birthday here mom, so happy birthday! I hope it's agood one, love and miss you.

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