A Love Letter to Robert C. Seamans

October 30, 2022

Morgan Hayman, A Watch, Vassar College

Love and Sunrise, Nuku Hiva
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Love and Sunrise, Nuku Hiva

Ship's Log

Noon Position
13° 48’S x 146° 35’W

Ship Heading

Ship Speed
7.3 kts

Taffrail Log
4130 nm

Weather / Wind / Sail Plan
Cumulous clouds. Light and variable wind. Sailing under the fore stay’sl and main stay’sl and desail.

Description of location
<100nm from the Tuamotu atolls, en route to Rangiroa

Souls on Board

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Dear Robert (bobby) C. Seamans,

I know we’ve only been together for a month, but I can’t keep it to myself anymore. Please excuse me if this is too forward. I think I love you.

I remember the first time we met. You came to my hometown and met my parents. They find you charming, and a little unconventional.

When I’m with you, it feels like there’s no one else in the world. Every day you show me what becomes my new favorite color. I point them out to you at sunrise. Even though you aren’t much of a talker, I know you see them too.

The bright whites of the clouds at dawn remind me of your hull, the soft yellows at twilight the color of your sails. Every once in awhile, when we watch the sunrise turn the clouds burning reds and oranges, I think of confessing my love. Too soon the moment passes, people wake up to gather and watch it with us, and I bite my tongue until the next dawn watch.

When the wind hits the curves of your sails just right to make you dance, it takes the words from my mouth. Your seams may split when you wear your JT, and some people think the rips in the belly of your Course are troublesome, but I think they’re what make you, you. I love when you feel confident enough to wear your [Raffee] party hat. I can’t take my eyes off your Fish.

Nothing will compare to our nights together. I never thought I’d have a personal guide to the stars. When we get tired, and I my eyelids get heavy, you rock me to sleep every night.

My friends think it’s toxic that I’ve been with you 24/7 for six weeks straight, they say I need to reach out more. But I can’t help but feel like we’re the only ones in hundreds of miles when were together. I find myself drifting away with you.

Friends and family, I hope you aren’t alarmed. I needed you to hear it from me first.



Ps. Katey, I think the only thing that would make the Seamans better is if you were here 🙂 and maybe some stone fruit. Tell Harry I say hi. I miss you and can’t wait to hang out so so so soon! Also, I’ve gotten everyone in on surf lesson plans, tbd when and where, but you are included. Get stoked.

Also also, wanna go skiing this winter? Nothing sounds better in this equatorial #sun than skiing.

Hi mom! Hi dad! Hi Britton! Can Katey and I go skiing this winter? Britton, can we come visit and stay with you to go skiing this winter? Send a carrier seagull if no, otherwise I am assuming yes 😉 Nothing too new here, just a little less hair than when you saw me last!

Seeing lots of cool things, learning lots of cool things. Can’t wait to show you some pictures! Xoxo me Pps. From Stella to the other bobby: you’re now the second bobby in my life, sozs <3 Ppps a big happy Birthday shoutout to Charlotte’s dad! She says hi and misses you!

[Morgan Hayman, A Watch, Vassar College]

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  1. Nick Grant November 2, 2022 at 08:08 - Reply

    “My friends think it’s toxic that I’ve been with you 24/7 for six weeks straight; they say I need to reach out more.”


  2. Anonymous November 2, 2022 at 12:30 - Reply

    Thanks Stella

    – Other Bobby

  3. Stephen Held November 2, 2022 at 22:24 - Reply

    Witty, and gently kind, Morgan. Your emotions are full sail. Thank you,

  4. Anonymous November 12, 2022 at 13:36 - Reply

    May it always carry your heart.


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