Fifteen men on a dead man’s chest

June 4, 2023

Jace Fuller, B Watch, Colorado College


Ship's Log

Noon Position
Docked at Pier 35; Honolulu, HI

Partly cloudy

Souls on Board

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We've been at sea fer nearly 2 hours, and already my mind begins to slip. The waves beneath this here boat're sweeping us afar and playin' with our heads. Heavin' and holerin', we mateys raised the mainsail, the main stays'l, and the for stays'l. Within a few more hours, we flew the jib as well. The sea is a funny thing, ain't she? The rock of pounding ocean on our tiny tallship can both lull you to sleep and jerk you awake, give you a sweet kiss or slap you across the face. Me watch began at 1900 and took me through the sunset and moonrise; in between these two came a moment of clear, dark skies where the stars emerged from hiding. I identified Venus, then Mars, then the big dipper, which would spend the night slowly flipping from upside-down to right-side up throughout the night. As I was on watch for lab duty - not that I didn't too work the lines - I had the responsibility of deploying a Neuston net, a little net around a square frame that connected down to a jar. The idea is that as she ran 2 knots across the sea, the net would fly parallel halfway in the water, funneling any living things down to the jar. I stood by and watched her inhale the sea like a great whale, and after 30 minutes we collected the net. Two seahorses, two baby pufferfish, and some worms and other strange creatures. All me toilin' had come to a fair compensation, a chest full of treasure. Finally, me watch ended at 0100 the 5th, and as soon as I could, I rested me head.Fifteen men on a dead man's chest-Yo-ho-ho and a bottle of rum!I miss you mom, dad, and Noah. Can't wait to finally see you soon.Jace Fuller, B Watch, Colorado College

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