Our Tiny Floating Village Nears Hawaii

May 5, 2023

Vanessa Van Deusen, C Watch, 3rd Scientist

Raechel (Co-steward), Beans (Mate in Training), Marshall (Chief Engineer), and Ana (C Watch) furling the jib tops’l

Ship's Log

Noon Position
17° 27.8’ N, 154° 03.5’ W

Ship Heading

Ship Speed
6.4 knots

Taffrail Log
3007 nautical miles

Weather / Wind / Sail Plan
Sailing under the 4 lowers with a shallow reef in the mains’l. Wind NExE blowing 11 kts

Description of location
30 nm from Hawaii

Souls on Board

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Our tiny village will be floating ashore soon! There have been many guesses about when we will first see land, but it will likely be sometime tonight or tomorrow. What a humbling and special experience to get to be so fully disconnected from shore, to truly experience the vastness of the sea and the extremes of wilderness. As a scientist coming back to SEA for the first time since my student trip, I am reminded of the community that life away from shore necessitates. Strong friendships, trust, and a requirement to work together (even when you are tired). While I can’t wait to land in Hawaii, I will miss the feeling of being a part of a community isolated from the world by a seemingly endless expanse of water.Last night captured that community perfectly. After dinner, everyone worked together to clean the salon and galley- putting away dishes, wiping tables, and labeling leftovers. Once everything was clean I sat at the table waiting for a game of cards to start. I listened to students preparing for their Junior Watch Officer roles for the following day. They worked as a team: filling in knowledge gaps when they arose, offering timing suggestions, and reminding each other about frequently forgotten steps while gybing. I went on deck to look for fellow card players and found a beautiful night filled with guitar and melodica music coming from the aft deck boxes. Dinner, stars, and a show. With some coaxing I successfully recruited the musicians to play games. Over the course of two hours I,impressively, lost all but one hand of cards. Before going to sleep I went to deck one last time and found a ship abuzz with activity (setting up for a meter net) illuminated by moonlight. New York may be the city that never sleeps, but we are the tiny floating village that is working towards a communal goal at all hours of the day and night.Also! Happy birthday Mom! I miss and love you so much!Vanessa Van Deusen, C Watch, 3rd Scientist

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