The Final Mission- Operation Nantucket

August 1, 2022


31 July


Last night all of the watches were tasked with a final mission:

gather scientific data, make it into a presentation and deliver it to a rendezvous point many miles away, all while doing this independently with only minimal help from the crew. We, B Watch, were tasked with compiling the data gathered by the other watches before us into a presentation and drive the ship to the rendezvous point. We elected one junior lab officer (Tess) and one junior watch officer (Rhys) in order to oversee the whole operation.

On deck, the main challenge we faced was passing through the Boston shipping lane, a path in which shipping and fishing boats frequently travel.  After some careful planning and some great steering from the helm, we got across the entire lane with no issues and ahead of schedule. Due to the valiant leadership of the junior watch officer, we arrived to the rendezvous point

45 minutes early. Unfortunately, this meant we had a lot of time to kill, so at the captain's orders, we spent the remaining time driving in triangles around the end point until 5:15. Meanwhile in the lab the junior lab officer and the lab watch compiled the data provided by the results of A Watch. We made a power point outlining the number of valuable fish larva that we found in the area using a neuston tow and a 100 count with bio-volume.

Additionally we made an awesome whiteboard presentation to give a science report in class that morning at 9:00. After our work was done in lab, the JLO went over to help with anything necessary on deck, where we struck and tied the mainsl. After our watch finished and the final mission was completed, we transferred our watch over to C-Watch. We went below deck where some of us went to breakfast and some others skipped it entirely, favoring the possibility of an additional hour of sleep. With two days left, we are all anxious to get back to our family and friends, yet also sad that our journey is soon coming to an end.

-              B-Watch, signing off

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