The RCS through My Eyes

December 14, 2023

Author: Leia Collado-Duff


Hove to and having fun!

Ship's Log

14 December 2023Current Position: 35 deg 31'S x 179 deg 07'EShip’s Heading & Speed: Hove to with a drifting speed on 1-2 kts.Weather: 17 C, Very windy and cloudy with a chance your hat might fly off!

Good Morning from the middle of the ocean!Life on the Robert C Seamans has made me realize something about myself: I’ma fairly light sleeper that gets woken up to any sound or smell. Not thebest quality to have when living on a ship you might think. The ship is fullof many sounds, day and night. The sounds of my bunkmates getting ready fordawn watch at 1am (wishing them luck from the comfort of my bunk), to thesounds of drawers flying out of the galley at random times of the day. Theclanking sounds of harnesses walking throughout the vessel for a boat check,which reminds me someone is looking out for my safety 24/7, to the wavescrashing on my bunkmate's porthole. The intense flushing from the mid-ship'shead (toilet), to the sounds of my shipmates trying to not knock into thewalls as they walk. These sounds are just a little tidbit example of whatlife on the boat is like in my eyes. From my bunk in Shellback Alley, I alsowake up to the yummy smells of whatever marvelous baked good the galley hascome up with for the day, to the smells of the vat of meat waiting for me inthe dish pit. During watch I get to smell the infamous zoop goop in the wetlab just waiting to be processed and the indescribable noises and smellsthat come from the engine room on my hourly boat checks. And I can’t forgetto mention as I smell my stinky self from time to time, because let’s bereal, showering on a boat underway is no joke…We are currently hove to due to the steady 12-15 foot waves. Life on theboat feels like a hurricane day in Florida, I come up on deck for a momentbut tend to instantly run back below to hide from the wind. The deck isrestricted to the on-watch unless you are seasick or just absolutely crazyenough to enjoy the wind and waves for a few minutes of fresh air. I wouldput myself in that category, of course. While on deck a harness is requiredand you must be clipped in at all times. It’s funny to see all of us clippedin with harness tethers trailing behind; it reminds me of those parents thatwould get their kids a backpack with a leash on it. (Thanks mom for notdoing that to me)I’m a member of C Watch and we had the deck for the morning 0700-1300.Although we were hove to, our watch was keeping up with the hourly jobs andmaintaining a positive attitude, from 6 minute bird observations, to boatchecks and regular confirmations of the wind speed. Nonetheless, we took itupon ourselves to do 10 squats at the top of every hour with half hour 1minute planks. Watch out world! I’m gonna be ripped when I get back on land…I hope! I ended my morning watch with a spontaneous alphabet singing game,where we would sing a song that starts with the letter of the alphabet. Wegot to P before it was too annoying.I would love to chat more but I have dawn watch and should probably catchsome Zzzzs.All in all, the wind is strong and but so am I!Shoutout to my Mami (Elaine),Te quiero y te extraño muchisimo. Me estoy diviertiendo y aprendiendobastanto y no puedo esperar a verte!Shoutout to my Dad (Blair) W-88,Thank you for recommending this experience to me, I wouldn’t trade it forthe world. I’m really glad that I get to share this with you and learn alittle bit more about you. Can’t wait to see ya again Captain! Oh and Alumof SEA. Shoutout to my Partner (Mason),Thank you for being so patient and diligent with me in this process. I knowI left you with two troublemakers to deal with back on shore. Tell the petsI miss them, I’ll be back before you know itAnd just a shoutout to my friends if your reading this, I’m so excited tomeet up again and tell you all my stories maybe at Prato or my favoritespot… CowboysMuch love and appreciationLeia Collado-Duff

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  1. Elaine Collado December 19, 2023 at 23:10 - Reply

    I’m beyond proud of your accomplishment and dedication to learning about and comprehending our oceans. Brave, wise, and generous Leia Collado-Duff [s312], you are sorely missed! This is undoubtedly an experience of a lifetime that you will always remember!

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