S-299, Summer Session in the Pacific

June 26, 2021

Author: Kelsey Lane, Chief Scientist


Ship's Log

32° 43.190’ N x 117° 10.779’W

Description of Location
Anchored in San Diego Harbor off of the San Diego Maritime Museum

Class S-299, SEA Summer Session: North Pacific Gyre, has begun its sea component. Faculty and students spent a productive ten-day shore component at the beautiful University of San Diego, learning the basics of nautical science andoceanography. After our last rounds of Covid tests, the students joined the ship yesterday afternoon at the Maritime Museum of San Diego. The last 24 hours have been full of training and orientations, as the students learn how to respond to emergencies, handle lines and deploy scientific equipment. The energy and enthusiasm are high as we prepare to embark for the middle of the North Pacific Gyre to study plastics and the oceanography of this region and sail for nearly 40 days. Stay tuned for more!


Contact: Douglas Karlson, Director of Communications, 508-444-1918 | dkarlson@sea.edu

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