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Blogs from the SSV Corwith Cramer

Type II Fun

2022-05-13T10:42:18-05:00May 11, 2022|

Amir Graupe, Quach & University of Illinois Ship's Log Noon Position 41°46.4’N x 070°30.8’ W Ship Heading Per Mate’s Orders Taffrail Log RIP Weather / Wind / Sail Plan 8.8°C, Winds NExE, Force 4, Motoring, Storm Trys’l, Maevestays’l, and Thanestays’l Description of location Cape Cod Canal Souls on Board [...]

Quach Above

2022-05-12T10:44:36-05:00May 10, 2022|

C-Watch: Quach, Quach & Quach Ship's Log Noon Position 42° 35.8’ N x 070° 40.1’ W Ship Heading At anchor Ship Speed At anchor Taffrail Log RIP Weather / Wind / Sail Plan NE winds F5, 12 degrees with 3 8ths of Cirrus clouds. No sails up, we are at anchor. [...]

The good stuff

2022-05-13T10:42:57-05:00May 8, 2022|

Posy LaBombard, C-Watch QUATCH & Mount Holyoke College Ship's Log Noon Position 43dg35.2'N x 069dg50.2'W Ship Heading NA Ship Speed NA Taffrail Log 2423.5 Weather / Wind / Sail Plan Calm seas, clear skies. Description of location Near Cabbage Island, ME Souls on Board Happy Mother’s Day from [...]

Land Ho! And Other Assorted Chilly Willies!

2022-05-09T10:14:51-05:00May 7, 2022|

Gabriel Packer, B watch, Eckerd College Ship's Log Noon Position 43°43.6’N x 069°28.6’W Ship Heading NA Ship Speed 0 Taffrail Log 2423.5 Weather / Wind / Sail Plan Cold/ High winds/ Sailing under the mainstays’l and storm trys’l Description of location Anchored in Linekin Cove in the Gulf of [...]

Sensing the Sea

2022-05-09T10:06:59-05:00May 6, 2022|

Isabelle Cadene, A Watch, Roger Williams University Alum Ship's Log Noon Position 42° 15.20’ N x 70° 20.98’ W Ship Heading 032 PSC Ship Speed 5 knts Taffrail Log 2302.7 Weather / Wind / Sail Plan Light and Variable/Calm/Fore and main stays’ls Description of location Stellwagen Bank Souls on [...]

The Final Countdown

2022-05-13T10:43:17-05:00May 5, 2022|

Kayla Bradley, A watch & College of Charleston Ship's Log Noon Position 40° 13.3’N x 071° 00.4’W Ship Heading 015° Ship Speed 6 knots Taffrail Log 2178.9 nm Weather / Wind / Sail Plan Motor sailing under the storm trys’l, mainstays’l, and forestays’l with force 2 NWxW winds. Although it was [...]

Blogs from the SSV Robert C. Seamans

Stanford@SEA Voyage Begins

2022-05-20T15:37:30-05:00May 14, 2022|

The dream of sailing aboard the Robert C. Seamans came alive today in Honolulu Hawaii for the Stanford@SEA class of 2022. Now in the 20th year, 29 Stanford participants including 26 students, 2 postdocs and Dr. Block joined 11 shipmates from Sea Education Association including Captain Greg and Chief Scientist Jan Witting [...]

All Good Things Must Come to an End

2022-03-28T15:43:33-05:00March 26, 2022|

Skyler Bertrand, Barnacle Baddies for life, Colgate University Ship's Log Noon Position21˚ 18.990’ N, 157˚ 52. 593’ WShip’s HeadingAlongside the Dock in WaikikiTaffrail Log3227Weather/Wind/Sails UpA beautiful last morning on the ship, with a beautiful sunrise and all the sail covers on. The Robert C. Seamans is ready for us to depart.Souls [...]

Living, Laughing, and Loving

2022-03-28T15:38:40-05:00March 25, 2022|

Liv Clarke, B-Watch (Barnacle Baddies), Boston College Ship's Log Noon Position Anchored at University of Hawaii Marine Center in Honolulu, Hawaii Ship Heading Not headed anywhere Ship Speed Not moving anymore Taffrail Log 3228nm Souls on Board Hello again friends. Happy to report back so soon after [...]

Good Morning, Good Afternoon, and Good Night

2022-03-25T15:50:47-05:00March 24, 2022|

Ben Pham, B-Watch, Carleton College Ship's Log Noon Position 21° 15.97’ N x 157° 50.07’ W Ship’s Heading 60° Ship Speed Anchored Log 3221 nm Weather Clear Sunny Skies Location Waikiki Bay Souls on Board I’ve never been very good at endings. Ever since I was [...]

Motor Sailing from Maui to Waikiki!

2022-03-24T08:58:39-05:00March 23, 2022|

Jennessa White, C Watch, Muhlenberg College Ship's Log Noon Position 21 00.629'N 157 01.068'W Ship Heading 300 ° Ship Speed 8.8 knots Taffrail Log 3169 nm Weather/Wind/Sail Plan Wind NE, Force 4, Temp=26 C. Headed from Maui to Waikiki Souls on Board Today was a [...]

What a way to start off the day!!

2022-03-24T08:47:59-05:00March 22, 2022|

Eban Charles, C Watch, Bowdoin College Ship's Log 20 degrees 47.1 minutes N 156 degrees 28.8 minutes W Souls on Board Here off the coast of the big island of Hawaii, dawn watch aboard the Robert C. Seamans could not be more beautiful! Yesterday morning, [...]

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