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Blogs from the SSV Corwith Cramer

Whale of the Day

2024-07-21T17:52:05-05:00July 21, 2024|

Author: Liza, Sophia, Meri, and Ryan  (A Watch) Ship's Log Thursday, July, 18th, 2024 Position (Lat and Long): 41°52.91 N x 069°11.6 W Log (nm): 224.8 Weather / Wind and Sail Plan:  Main, main stasle,  and four stasle. At 6.2 knots. Description of where we are sailing: Great South Channel, [...]

First Full Day at Sea

2024-07-21T17:47:15-05:00July 21, 2024|

Author: Caitlin, Ashley, Ada, and Applina  – C Watch Ship's Log Wednesday, July 17th, 2024 Position (Lat and Long): 4232.39°N x 06950.98°W Log (nm):  136.3 Weather / Wind and Sail Plan: Four lower sails and jib topsail Description of where we are sailing: Heading E towards George’s Bank. [...]

Getting Underway

2024-07-21T17:37:40-05:00July 21, 2024|

Author: Coco, Calliope, Soly, and Giada-B watch Ship's Log Tuesday, July 16th, 2024 Position (Lat and Long): 42° 02.2N x 070° 23.9W Log (nm):  55.19nm Weather / Wind and Sail Plan:  Foggy, cloudy, vessels switched to starboard Description of where we are sailing:  Cape Cod Bay [...]

Welcome Aboard SEA Ex Session 2!

2024-07-16T15:17:20-05:00July 16, 2024|

Author: Jeff Schell, Chief Scientist Ship's Log Sunday-Monday, July 14-15th, 2024 Position (Lat and Long): 41° 31.4’N x 070° 40.2’W Log (nm):  0.0 nm. We are still alongside the dock. Weather / Wind and Sail Plan:  Steady breeze from the southwest, mostly sunny. Description of where we are sailing:  [...]

Presenting our Oceanography Reports

2024-07-10T15:29:43-05:00July 10, 2024|

Author: Jeff Schell, Chief Scientist Ship's Log Monday, July 8th, 2024 Position: 41' 21.4'N x 070' 47.4'W Log (nm):  574.0 nm. Weather / Wind and Sail Plan:  Anchored in lite winds, foggy with occasional patches of sun. Description of where we are sailing:  Anchored Menemsha Bight, Martha's Vineyard [...]

Foggy Day through the Cape Cod Canal

2024-07-09T15:03:03-05:00July 9, 2024|

Author: Addie & Will (B Watch, Best Watch) Ship's Log Sunday, 7 July 2024 Position (Lat and Long): 41deg 21.7N x 070deg 47.3W Log (nm):  573 nm Weather / Wind and Sail Plan: Foggy & Anchored Description of where we are sailing: Anchored at Menemsha Cove, Martha's Vineyard [...]

Blogs from the SSV Robert C. Seamans

B “Beluga” Watch

2024-07-22T15:47:30-05:00July 22, 2024|

Author: John, Sonia, Calliope, and Giada (“B” Watch) Ship's Log Friday, July 19th, 2024 Position (Lat and Long): 40°56’N x 068°37’W Log (nm): 309.1 nm Weather / Wind and Sail Plan: Motor sailing at 5.2 knots  with stays’ls  and main s’l, SW wind: force 1, Description of where we are [...]

Final sunrise of S316

2024-07-16T17:01:00-05:00July 16, 2024|

Author: Skye Moret, Chief Scientist Ship's Log 17 July 2024 Noon Position (Lat and Long): 17deg 46.3’S x 177deg 22.9’E Ship Heading (degrees): n/a Ship Speed (knots): 0 Log (nm): 2547 Weather / Wind / Sail Plan (from 1300 Watch Change): Clear skies, cool breeze Description of location: Alongside in [...]

Goodnight Tubakula

2024-07-16T14:47:09-05:00July 16, 2024|

Author: Emily Concepcion, University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill A restless night of mosquito bites and tummy aches brought morning ever so early. Today was our first time going out to collect real data for our research. Before we headed out, we learned about leadership styles. Despite having different [...]

Marty McFly

2024-07-13T15:08:54-05:00July 13, 2024|

Author: Carter McKinney, University of South Carolina Shore Component Friday, 12 July, 2024 Korotogo Fiji, Coral Coast Eighteen hours of flight time and seventy-five hundred miles later, I am the farthest from home I have ever been, and I am doing my best Marty McFly impression [...]

Short Port Stop at Vava’u

2024-07-16T16:25:02-05:00July 12, 2024|

Author: Ding Xin, A Watch, Visiting researcher from Blue Nature Alliance and the Rotjan Marine Ecology Lab Ship's Log Friday, July 12, 2024 Noon Position: (Lat and Long): 18 41.2’ S x 175 43.3’ W Ship Heading (degrees): 215 Ship Speed (knots): 6.0 Log (nm): 2906 Weather / Wind [...]

Lab Top Club

2024-07-12T02:21:22-05:00July 12, 2024|

Author: Kenzie, 2nd Marine Tech;  Talia, Deckhand;  and Syd, Program Assistant Ship's Log Wednesday, 10 July  2024 Lat and Long: 18 34.8’ S x 174 02.7’ N Ship Heading (degrees): 060 Ship Speed (knots): standing off and on Log (nm): 1861 Weather/Sail Plan: Hove to General Location: Northwest of Vava’u, [...]

Blogs from the SEA Campus

Good times at SEA

2023-01-25T12:27:53-05:00August 3, 2022|

Solange Gerdeman We woke a half an hour earlier than normal—7:30 instead of 8—to prepare for our field trip to the Woods Hole Oceanagraphic Institute Marine Biological Laboratory. We were to meet with Molly, a marine engineer at the Institute. Our breakfast was the same as usual: a smorsgasbord of breakfast foods [...]

How We Acquired 15 Gallons of Popcorn (and Whale Watching)

2023-01-26T13:17:49-05:00August 1, 2022|

Christoph Kershaw - Bedford High School  &  Melissa Giacobbe - Metea Valley High School Unfortunately, today we were woken up at 6:00, but by the end of the day our SEA group had acquired 15 gallons of popcorn, some insane whale experiences, and a first hand look at a [...]

A Day in the Life

2023-01-26T11:19:57-05:00July 29, 2022|

Graham McCarthy and Isa Roth Today's wakeup time was 8:00 and after breakfast we started our day with watch meetings. After meeting with our watches and doing our respective chores everyone gathered in Madden for oceanography. In oceanography we did a mock convention creating posters and writing articles supporting [...]

Heat Wave Subsiding!

2023-01-26T11:19:09-05:00July 28, 2022|

Leif Thesen and Calvin Chiu Today we woke up at our normal time, 8 am and had a wide variety of things for breakfast. It was the first cool night on campus, so everyone was well rested. After our watch meetings, we set off to our first class [...]

New Bedford Whaling Museum Day Out

2023-01-26T13:16:24-05:00July 28, 2022|

By Harper Greenfield Oakwood Secondary School and  Jimmy Shen Culver Academy  Today we had an early start to our day with a quick breakfast at the picnic tables. A bus promptly pulled up to campus, and we were taken down to the museum. The ride was around forty-five [...]

An Informative Day on Campus

2023-01-26T13:22:28-05:00July 26, 2022|

Anika Mootha – Greenhill School &  Caroline Mostofizadeh- Palo Alto High School Today we started the day off with Karen’s oceanography class where we covered chemical oceanography and participated in the Carbon Molecule Activity. During this activity, we took on the role of a carbon atom as it cycled through the [...]

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