C-297B: Science at SEA (Session 1)

July 3, 2021


Students enrolled in class C-297B, Science at SEA (Session 1) join the SSV Corwith Cramer in Woods Hole on July 5th. The students will explore the coastal and offshore marine ecosystems around Cape Cod, and return to Woods Hole on July 18th.

Sasha Ignatiev, Greenwich High School
Mikey Widman, John Marshall High School
Sierra Wouden-Crosno, Carmel High School
Ellie Pohlig, Concord Carlisle High School
Marisol Helms, Chatham Hall School
Jake Warren, William Henry Harrison High School
Della Waldman, Home Schooling/High School
Charlotte Marvin, Eagle Hill School
Oliver Browning, Lower Merion High School
Elaina Berdyck, Mount Lebanon High School
Ellie Streeper, Needham High School
Emmanuel Smirnakis, Boston University Academy
Melody Berenbaum, Middlebury Union High School
Lauren Baker, Mountainside High School
Nell Brayton, Middlebury Union High School
Lia Miller, St. Andrew's School
Madison Kim, Nightingale-Bamford School
John Cahill, Pelham Memorial High School
Benjamin Sommer, Windward School
Alex Wilf, Dwight Englewood School
Otto Lukanic, Grace Church School
Leah Hall, Edmund Burke School
Hannah Gorton, St. Mark's
Nina Berke, Edina High School

Captain: Chris Nolan
Chief Mate: Jen Buttery
2nd Mate: Tierney Weymueller
3rd Mate: Sara Vanderleest
Engineer: Alex Myers
Steward: Ashley Look
Steward in Training: Mysti Sothen
Chief Scientist: Jan Witting
1st Scientist: Jordan Eckstein
2nd Scientist: Corinna Anderson
3rd Scientist: Amy Chiuchiolo
Deckhand: Rocky Bonner
Deckhand: Charlotte Lynch
Deckhand: Ashlyn Royal

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