C-303F Has Begun!

July 21, 2022

SSV Corwith Cramer.
SSV Corwith Cramer.

SSV Corwith Cramer.

Students enrolled in Sea Education Association's class C303F, SEA Expedition, board the SSV Corwith Cramer in Boston on July 21th. Their voyage ends in Woods Hole on August 2nd.

Ryan Loftus, Captain
Sherman Brewer, Chief Mate
John Parker, 2nd Mate
Taylor Hunt, 3rd Mate
Lawrence Klein, Engineer
Sabrina Smith, Asst Engineer
Rachel Meyne, Steward
Rebecca Volk, Steward In Training
Blaire Umhau, Chief Scientist
Emily Dailey, 1st Scientist
Victoria Scriven, 2nd Scientist
Carly Cooper, 3rd Scientist
Isabelle Cadene, Deckhand
Marija Miklavcic Deckhand

Cam Rogers, Lincoln Sudbury Regional High School
Chloe Pu, San Marino High School
Elijah Reulet, Beverly High School
Zeke Williams, George Washington Online High School
Fred Simpson, Milton Academy
Graydon Nolen, Saint Ann's School
Hailey Sugarman, Palisades Charter High School
Izzi Sawicka, Newton North High School
Jesse Zikmund-Fisher, Community High School, MI
John Lopez Estrada, Robert F. Wagner, Jr Secondary School for Arts and Technlogy
Laila Ortiz, Urban Assembly New York Harbor School
Matisse Haag, British International School of Washington DC
Nora Pu, Futures Academy - San Diego
Rhys Vaughn, Cathedral Catholic High School
Riley Ament , Brookline High School
Sam Niles, Arlington High School
Siobhan Ali, Ridgewood High School
Sofia Castro, Urban Assembly New York Harbor School
Sophia von der Ohe, Palisades Charter High School
Suzanne Carpenter, Petoskey High School
Terrance Davison, Falmouth High School
Tess Levanway, Canandaigua Academy
Zoey Feder Di Toro, Maret School
Ezra Wing, Friends Select School

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