Chicken of the SEA

July 13, 2022

William Tobin, C Watch, Syracuse University


The ships’ reaction to my sauce (featuring Talia)

Ship's Log

Noon Position
34°02.776’ N 135° 35.624’ W

Ship Heading

Ship Speed
7.5 kts

Weather / Wind

Sail Plan
Fore Stays’l, Main Stays’l, and the Mains’l

Latest Neuston tow plastic count

Souls on Board

Hello faithful readers, it is I, William Tobin. This morning my watch was woken up at 0020 for dawn watch, but not me! I had the pleasure of being a steward on this fine day, surrounded by the sights and smells of fresh produce and herbs alike. Today’s menu started with a pancake breakfast with a side of candied bacon and grapefruit, swiftly followed by a smoothie snack around ten.

Lunch was a much more difficult task; seeing as it was not Sunday, Chick-fil-a was on my mind. Unfortunately, four hours on the phone with UberEats’ customer service resulted in the denial of my request for a helicopter delivery. I am not sure if they refused to deliver to 34°02.776’ N 135° 35.624’ W because of the resources required, or the chance that the duration of transit combined with the shift in time zones would result in Chick-fil-a being consumed on a Sunday (a classic no-no). Disheartened by poor customer service along with the lack of the coveted Chick-fil-a sauce, Cam and I made do with the ingredients aboard. Mustard, ketchup, onion powder, chipotle mayo, paprika, and an unexpected ingredient, love, made an acceptable substitute for the sauce. The hungry people who got off watch seemed to enjoy it immensely.

The day ended with a short hour at lookout followed by another at the helm.

Being steward comes with the perk of not having to clean the galley with the rest of my watch. Ironically I am much sweatier and greasier than them anyway.

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