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SEA’s Efforts Continue: Understanding Plastic Debris in Our Ocean

A staple of any SEA program aboard one of SEA’s tall ships, the twice-daily neuston tows collect plankton samples from the first 25 centimeters of the water column. Students conduct ‘100 counts' to identify the types of zooplankton and measure volumes to calculate how many plankton are [...]



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Podcasts from Climate Change & Coastal Resilience

Author: Tiegan Paulson, College of the Atlantic (Climate Change & Coastal Resilience, SEA Class S-313) I had the pleasure of producing five audio logs of S313’s voyage in Aotearoa New Zealand with the help and participation of my fellow crew. At the time of writing, only four of these are completed, having finally lost my computer to the depths of time midway [...]

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SEA’s Dr. Heather Page Research Published

In “Effects of ocean acidification on growth and photophysiology of two tropical reef macroalgae,” PLOS One (2023), an article co-authored by SEA’s Assistant Professor in Reef Biological Oceanography, Dr. Heather Page, researchers explored the impacts of ocean acidification on two common macroalgaes found along the Florida Reef Tract.   As the world grapples with climate change and bears witness to mass bleaching [...]

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Two SEA Faculty Members Cycle For Buzzards Bay

SEA Faculty Members Dr. Craig Marin and Capt. Chris Nolan recently completed the Buzzards Bay Watershed Ride, from Sakonnet Point, RI to Woods Hole, MA.  The ride is 100 miles and helps raise funds for the Buzzards Bay Coalition support of a clean and vibrant watershed in Buzzards Bay.  Approximately 400 riders were part of the event in 2023. Dr. Marin [...]

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Utilizing UV-Vis Spectroscopy in the Field

Dr. Sarah Kingston, SEA Assistant Professor of Oceanography and Chief Scientist of SEA's Marine Biodiversity & Conservation program, was featured in Select Science for her work utilizing Thermofisher's NanoDrop Spectrometer. The NanoDrop is part of a suite of equipment facilitating molecular work run by Dr. Kingston and students  in the Marine Biodiversity & Conservation program while sailing aboard the SSV Robert C. Seamans.Read the full article here.Interested [...]

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SEA Welcomes Proctor Academy’s Ocean Classroom

In the fall of 1994, former faculty member David Pilla launched a trimester at sea program at Proctor called Ocean Classroom. That bold vision set the course for an evolution in Proctor’s off-campus program offerings that has since changed the lives of more than 400 Proctor alumni. The goal of the program was, and is, simple: expose high school kids to the power [...]

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SEA alumna, Rikki Held, Shares Experience as Lead Plaintiff in Held vs Montana

Today, SEA (Sea Education Association) Class S-311, Oceans & Climate, welcomed Rikki Held, SEA alumna, via Zoom to share more about her experience serving as the lead plaintiff in Held vs Montana.  Rikki sailed with SEA Class S-305, Oceans & Climate, from San Diego, CA to Pape'ete, Tahiti in Fall 2022. Reflecting on her time aboard the SSV Robert Seamans, Rikki shares that [...]

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