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SEA Attends Ceremony Honoring Tall Ships America aboard USCG Barque EAGLE

Tall Ships America recently announced that Senate Resolution 793 honoring Tall Ships America’s 50th anniversary was adopted on September 22, 2022. The  Resolution was submitted by Senator John Reed and Senator Sheldon Whitehouse of Rhode Island and was passed by Unanimous Consent. The Resolution commends Tall Ships America for advancing character-building experiences at sea and representing the tall ships and sail training community [...]

2022-09-30T13:52:43-05:00September 28, 2022|

SEA Alumni in the News: Kass Wojcik

"How Can We Save the Bees?" With a Watson Fellowship, a recent graduate sets off to explore beekeeping worldwide. Kass Wojcik ’22, who graduated this spring with a major in biology and a minor in environmental studies, will be traveling to as many as six countries on five continents to research how beekeeping and pollinator conservation is practiced around the world as a [...]

2022-09-26T16:07:40-05:00September 26, 2022|

Sea Education Association students prepare for life underway using state of the art nautical simulation from Wartsila Corporation.

By Capt. Chris Nolan Life at sea is challenging for new mariners – the first voyage is often likened to “drinking from a fire hose.”   Whether learning the fundamentals of helm and lookout duties, or simply how to live and work at sea, new mariners in the modern age can leverage new tools to help them prepare. Sea Education Association students [...]

2022-09-19T14:28:29-05:00September 19, 2022|

SEA’s Dr. Rich King Co-edits New Audubon Book

Dr. Richard King, SEA Visiting Associate Professor of Maritime History and Literature, has co-edited an anthology of writings by naturalist John Audubon. Published by University of Chicago Press, Audubon at Sea, The Coastal and Transatlantic Adventures of John James Audubon, is described as a ”one-of-a-kind, lavishly illustrated anthology [that] celebrates Audubon’s connection to the sea through both his words and art.” The book [...]

2022-09-20T10:09:32-05:00September 16, 2022|

SEA Plastics Lab Launches New Website

This week, the SEA Plastics Lab launched a new website intended to be a valuable resource for those interested in learning more about ocean plastic pollution and how to contribute to solutions to this serious environmental issue. The SEA Plastics Lab is dedicated to investigating and ultimately preventing ocean plastic pollution through collaborative scientific research and broad knowledge sharing. The lab is grounded [...]

2022-09-14T12:38:05-05:00September 14, 2022|

SEA Writer 2022, Magazines From the Summer SEA Quest Students

As part of their two-week classwork with SEA Quest, students write, edit, and produce an issue of SEA Writer magazine, with a focus on science writing and the theme of the seminar. READ NOW READ NOW Contact: Douglas Karlson, Director of Communications | 508-444-1918 | |

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