S-304, Ocean Exploration: Plastics Expedition

June 22, 2022

SSV Robert C Seamans
SSV Robert C Seamans

SSV Robert C. Seamans

Students enrolled in Sea Education Association's class S-304, Ocean Exploration: Plastics Expedition, board the SSV Robert C. Seamans in Honolulu on June 26th.  Their voyage ends in San Diego on July 24th. There are no port stops.


Amanda Nogueira Moreira de Souza, Macalester College
Audrey Platt, Harvard University
Colette Shaw, Eckerd College
Ellie Mattison, Emmanuel College
Emily Barron, Boston University
Francesca Johnson, University of Alaska Southeast
Hannah White, Michigan State University
Jason Epstein, Pennsylvania State University
Kelly Barr, Whitworth University
Madeleine Speagle, Wellesley College
Madeleine Wenger, Cornell University
Nina Mewborne, American University
Olivia Najjar, Layfayette College
Olivia Pietz, Cornell University
Rhiana Boyles, University of California, Berkeley
Ryan McMullen, University of Miami
Samantha Schlegel, The University of Tampa
Sarah Kirsh, University of North Carolina - Chapel Hill
Sunmin Kim, Boston University
Talia Felcher, Loyola Marymount University
William Tobin, Syracuse University

Richard Miller, Captain
Ava Stasiw, Chief Mate
Krista Swedberg, 2nd Mate
Ashlyn Royal, 3rd Mate
Henry Cylkowski , Engineer
Patrick Robichaud,  Asst Engineer
Nevin Schaeffer, Steward
Camryn Ragland, Assistant Steward
Deb Goodwin , Chief Scientist
Anna Wietelmann, 1st Scientist
Ella Cedarholm, 2nd Scientist
Amy Green, 3rd Scientist
Corinna Anderson, TA
Sarah Pokelwaldt , Program Assistant
Katherine Gower , Visiting Labhand
Graham Trolley , Visiting Researcher

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